Pairing powerful storytelling and elevated imagery, Iron & Ivy specializes in creating films designed to gracefully withstand time. Leaving footprints around the globe, documenting life’s most treasured moments wherever there is love and a good story to be told.



“Our memories are the most cherished thing we own. How lucky am I to have the honor of bottling up the magic of those memories; creating a beautiful constellation of moments and feelings forever etched in time.”

- Brandi

With a profound affinity for storytelling, Iron & Ivy combines powerful narratives and elevated imagery to create films designed to gracefully withstand time. 

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These films serve as heirlooms - not only preserving your celebration through film, but encapsulating the very essence of your love. Innately drawn to creating individualistic films, while leaving footprints around the globe - passionately documenting life's most cherished moments wherever love and captivating stories intertwine.